Fitness Tent 2024

We can’t talk about Wellness without talking about Fitness. From dance workouts to get your blood pumping, to restorative yoga. You’ll definitely want to check out the talent in our Fitness Tent. Click on our individual experts to see more about them and what they will be doing on the day!


09:15-10:00 | Will Pate and Chloe Whylie – Third Space

10:00-10:45 | Lisa’s Living Club – Calisthenics x HIIT

11:00-11:45 | Emily Stephenson – The Dancer Body

12:00-12:45 | Jed and Zac Brecher – Thai Boxing

13:00-13:45 | F45 – High Intensity Workout

14:00-14:45 | Keisha Sethi

15:00-15:45 | The Stretch Experience – Stretch Class

16:00-16:45 | David Hellard – Caffeine Bullet

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