Discover the Power of Creative Expression

Freedom of expression has always been a cornerstone gem of human existence. In today’s life and times, it is evermore imperative that in the mire of socio-economic pressures and the politics of work-life balance that we keep abreast of what’s really important… our mental health and fortitude. Seduced by Art, spearheaded by @jaymorally__da__creator and @Sal_Freckles, was a concept that blossomed under the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic and doubles down on breaking the constraints holding us back via its carefully curated workshops.

With a strong focus on opening conversations around issues affecting people and society, they work with local communities, local authorities, schools and reform institutions, using art as a conduit to communication, understanding and imagination; creativity has become a tool for healing and ignites the inner artist within us all.

Join them for an immersive experience that goes beyond your normal day-to-day limitations. Purchase your Seduced by Art Combo ticket to explore a variety of workshop choices, visualise what you want to create, choose your canvas and play with the various materials on offer.

Let yourself be seduced by art, and discover the transformative power of creativity. Book your Seduced by Art ticket today and embark on a journey of self-expression and artistic discovery.